• Gender: Males
  • D.O.B:  7/05/2023
  • Dam: Burrinjuck Cluedo
  • Stud: Burrinjuck Orion
  • Size: Miniature
  • Colours: Creme Caramel
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Ready for Collection: 2nd July, 2023 

About these puppies :

Hamish and I are thrilled that you have expressed interest in a puppy from Burrinjuck Cluedo and Burrinjuck Orion. This is Cluedo's first litter and the first sire duties from Burrinjuck Orion. These multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are a result of many years of careful breeding. There are 3 boys and 1 girl. All puppies are a gorgeous shade of creme caramel. Some of the puppies have small amounts of white abstract markings Well Done Mumma Cluedo. Your babies are beautiful!

Both Mum and Dad have adorable, gentle and fun-loving personalities. Cluedo is a little princess. She is the pride and joy of her Guardian Family. She is a little bit sassy and ultra cute. Orion is best mates with his Guardian Dad, who is a Vietnam Veteran.  Orion is the inspiration for getting out of bed some days. The bond that they share is very touching. 

There are currently 2 creme caramel males available for allocation. Red Collar Boy is described as outgoing, confident and adventurous. Black Collar Boy is a slighlty smaller puppy. This handsome lad is a bit more gentle than his siblings. Yellow Collar Boy is affectionate and and a very chilled out dude. Burrinjuck are looking to retain yellow collar boy through our Guardian Program but will reserve the right to exchange to red collar puppy after the 6 week health check-up and personality assessment.

INFORMATION ABOUT THESE PUPPIES: EMAIL info@burrinjucklabradoodles.com

Frequently Asked questions

The total cost of a Burrinjuck Labradoodle is $3300 ($3000 + GST)

In order to secure this puppy, the upfront costs are a $700 deposit and a $500 confirmation payment.

Puppies are adopted out at 8 weeks of age.