BurrinJuck Labradoodles

Our Labradoodle Girls


Birth Month: 16th September, 2017

Gender: Female

Parents: Burrinjuck Tiffany and Tualatin River Trace

Size: Standard Size

Colour: Caramel Ice

Coat: Fleece

Chanel is a bright dog with a loving nature. She gives the most adorable cuddles. Her personality is a little reserved and sensitive. I hope that she will become a little more confident as she matures. Chanel is devoted and loyal. She loves to sit at my feet while I work at my desk and accompany me in my day to day activities.




Birth Month: August 2013

Gender: Female

Parents: Chantilly and Magnum

Size: Standard Size (53cm from shoulder to ground)

Coat: Fleece

Colour:  Cafe

Wow. We are so proud of this girl. Tiffany is the daughter of Chantilly and Magnum. Tiffany is cheeky, assertive and adventurous. She can even be a tad wilfull. My daughter has trained her to become a therapy dog. So far so good. She is definitely a very clever doodle.



Birth Month: April 2014

Gender: Female

Parents: Slipper and Yahtzee

Size: Miniature/ Small Medium (42 cm)

Coat: Fleece

Colour:  Choc and White Abstract.

Hopscotch is Miss Personality". Her parents are Slipper and Yahtzee. She is bold and gregarious and loves to explore and get into mischief. This little girl is the entertainer of the family.

Savannah_9 mths


Birth Month: April 2015

Size: Medium

Parents: Gypsy and Rudolph

Gender: Female

Coat: Fleece

Colour:  Red

Savannah will carry Maple-May's line into the next generation. Her father-Rudolph is from a breeder located in Canada. This international beauty is just stunning. She is free-spirited and fun-loving but also very elegant and a little reserved.


Birth Month: 28th February, 2017

Gender: Female

Size: Miniature

Parents: Arctic Star [Stella] and Canasta

Colour: Gold with Abstract markings

Coat: Fleece

Aurora is a beautiful rich gold colour. We love this little girl to the moon and back. She is incredibly athletic and has a very soft and sweet disposition. Her favourite activity is sneaking in and sleeping on the end of our bed.


Birth Month: January, 2015

Gender: Female

Parents: Oreo and Canasta

Size: Small Medium Size

Colour: Choc Abstract

Coat: Fleece

Oreo (Mum) was named after a black biscuit. She has now retired and we have kept this little munchkin to continue her line. I thought it was fitting to name her after my favorite chocolate biscuit -the delectable chocolate Florentine. Florentine is a self assured, graceful but cuddly young lady. Her personality is joyful and loving.