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    Due 24th May

    Let the celebrations begin. We could not resist the opportunity for more red, medium size puppies and jumped to use Chase over our delicious red-head, Burrinjuck JUniper. If you are looking for a fur-child that is extra special, this litter might be the one for you. Puppies in this litter will be Multi-Generational, Australian Labradoodles in gorgeous colours of creme, gold and red. We might get some flashy abstract markings too.
    Approximately 6 puppies confirmed via ultrasound.

    • Dam: Burrinjuck Juniper
    • Stud: Burrinjuck Chase
    • Due: 24th May 2024
    • Size: Medium Size
    • Possible Colours: Cream, gold and red
    • Possible Markings: Abstract

    Burrinjuck Juniper

    Due 18th May

    Harmony's first litter was truly spectacular. I am predicting this litter will be equally as sensational.
    Harmony's coat colour is a rich, dark chocolate. This is quite rare in the Labradoodle world. This pairing with Burrinjuck Chase is sure to offer some amazing colour combinations. I can't wait to see what the lottery of colours that might be born.
    Confirmed via ultrasound. Possibly 8 sacs.

    • Dam: Burrinjuck Harmony
    • Stud: Burrinjuck Chase
    • Due: 18th May, 2024
    • Size: Medium
    • Possible Colours: Chocolate, Black or Red

    Burrinjuck Harmony