Looking Forward

Litters Due

    Due 7th November

    Our next anticipated litter is from Burrinjuck Moss n' Spy and Sunsethills Orlando. This litter is due to be born around the 7th December 2023.
     Ultrasound estimated around 8 puppies. 

    • Dam: Burrinjuck Moss
    • Stud: Sunsethills Orlando
    • Due: 7th December 2023
    • Size: Medium Size
    • Possible Colours: Cream; Caramel; Gold and Red

    Due 7th December

    Penelope is our only remaining dog that actually goes back to Coco, our foundation breeding girl. I am super excited to see what the future has in store for us with her second litter. Ideally, we would like to retain 2 Guardian Girls to carry on this special line.
    Ultrasound indicated a good sized litter, potentially 7 or 8 puppies are on board.

    • Dam: Burrinjuck Penelope
    • Stud: Burrinjuck Volcan
    • Due: 7th December 2023
    • Size: Medium to Large Medium
    • Possible Colours: Chocolate; Caramel

    Burrinjuck Penelope

    Due 23rd December

    Harper is due to have her second litter very close to Christmas Eve. What a perfect gift for Santa to bring to all the little humans who have been naughty or nice. Puppies from her previous litter were absolutely divine so families will be very lucky to own one of these babies.
    Ultrasound indicated approximately 6 puppies.

    • Dam: Burrinjuck Harper
    • Stud: Burrinjuck Domino
    • Due: 23rd December 2023
    • Size: Miniature
    • Possible Colours:Chocolate and Black with possible Parti Markings

    Burrinjuck Harper