What Generation are our Labradoodles?


Burrinjuck Labradoodles do not breed any first generation labradoodles. A first generation labradoodle is a labrador crossed with a poodle. We breed both early-generation labradoodles (labradoodles crossed with labradoodles going back one or two generations) and multi-generation labradoodles (labradoodle lines that go back four, five, six or more generations). We also breed Australian Foundation labradoodles. These labradoodles have a slight infusion of spoodle in the lineage.


Sometimes early generational labradoodles are referred to as Foundational Labradoodles. In this classification system, a labrador crossed with a poodle is referred to as an F1 Labradoodle. If a poodle is used in subsequent matings then it is given a prefix of 'b' which stands for backcross.

If you have been researching the labradoodle, you may have noticed some alternative codes used when breeders describe their labradoodles. Early generation labradoodles are sometimes referred to as LO1 or LO2 labradoodles. Generally a labradoodle that goes back four generations is referred to as a Multigenerational labradoodle (LO4 or higher). Australian Foundation Labradoodles are shown with titles such as ALF1, ALF2 or ALF3.