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Meet Geisha

  • Gender:  Female
  • Birthday:  June, 2020
  • Colour:  Choc Abstract
  • Coat Type: Fleece
  • Size: Miniature/Small-Medium Size

About Geisha

In 2019, I imported semen from Hales Labradoodles in the USA from the very handsome Hales "I’m Just a Gigolo". Importing Semen is an incredibly expensive and risky gamble and to our disappointment, surgical insemination with Hopscotch, Florentine and Rubix did not result in any pregnancies. We were left with 2 vials and one last opportunity. We made the decision to give it one last shot and our reproductive vet surgically inseminated Burrinjuck Sundae. I had resigned myself to the fact that Sundae was likely not pregnant as well. She did not look pregnant and would have been due on the 17th June. Late in the evening on the 19/06/2020, Sundae went into labour and one very precious Chocolate Abstract Girl was Born. Introducing Burrinjuck Geisha Girl - an only puppy and a very spoilt member of the Burrinjuck Family.

Photos of Geisha Girl [Gigi]