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Meet Le Cadeau

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday:   Dec, 2020
  • Colour:   Choc/Chalk
  • Markings:   Parti
  • Coat Type: Fleece
  • Size:  Small-Medium

About Le Cadeau ~ Zacian

Le Cadeau has a meaning of "The Gift" and he is a precious gift from God. Born on Boxing Day, I knew this boy was special only momemts after he was born. He just has that "wow" factor. Burrinjuck Le Cadeau has the most outstanding personality of any dog I have ever known. He is calm, intuitive and sensitive to other people's emotions. He loves life and exudes joy wherever he goes.

Le Cadeau resides with my cousin, Jodie. His pet name is Zacian (Zash). Apparently named after a Pokemon, as there is a lot of enthusiasm for Pokemon within their household.

His Guardian, Jodie wrote these words; "Burrinjuck Le Cadeau is a gentle, laid back kind of guy. He loves people and is great with children. When we go for a walk he will sit in the path of any oncoming, older women as he knows he’s guaranteed a pat! He is an empath and when someone is sad he will offer his paw. He offered his toys to our cat after she came home from the vets unwell. He loves to chase other dogs more than tennis balls and shies away from water. He’s our shadow and we wouldn’t have it any other way!" Jodie"

Photos of Le Cadeau