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Puppy Check-List

Preparing for the arrival of your puppy


We recommend the wire crates.We offer crate packages. There are options to purchase crate mats. The Dog Gone Smart Mats are sensational as they are water resistant and completely machine washable. Other accessories include crate covers and crate bowls that attach to the side of the crate.


Crate Exercise Pens attach to wire crates to provide a flexible and safe area for your puppy to move around and come and go from their crates.

Yes, unfortunately this is part of the deal of pet ownership.This metal Pooper Scooper does make things a bit easier though with no bending down required.


Options include washable pet pads or disposable pet pads. 

Puppies have been trained to go to the toilet on grass outside.They have been trained to use The PetSafe Pet Loo inside the house.

We currently have a range of training options available through Blue Ribbon Dog Training

Online Puppy Training is currently being offered through Blue Ribbon Coffee and Chats

It is vitally important to expose your puppy to a range of environmental stimuli. Here is a comprehensive check-list   to ensure adequate exposure for your puppy

Long Leads are an important aid to training recall skills in young puppies.

Clickers Recommended to be used in conjunction with puppy training.


There are a variety of types, colours and styles on the market. We use the Flat roofed Wooden Dog Kennel as our dogs like to lie on the roof.

The out-door raised dog beds are versatile as the dogs find them comfortable and the covers are cheap and easily replaced.

raised bed

Consumers are spoilt for choice with inside dog beds. I do recommend choosing an indoor dog bed with high sides as dogs both old and young enjoy that added feeling of protection.


A snuggly blanket with the familiar smells on it from mumma and siblings will be a valuable tool for those first few nights

The SPL snuggle puppy is an ingenious plush puppy with a velcro insert for a battery operated beating heart and a heat pad. Great for anxious and lonely pups.

Music with a strong, rhythmical beat is soothing for your puppy. Lullabies are great.

Several families have reported positive results with the Adaptil Diffuser. You may wish to give this a trial if your puppy is still unsettled after a few days after adoption.


Some of my favourite brands of collars, include BlackDog, Rogz and Wagging Tailz.

Some of my favourite brands of leads, include BlackDog, Rogz and Wagging Tailz.

If you are looking for an I.D Pet Identification Tag that is a little bit special. Check out My Family Pet Tags

Eco Friendly and strong, the Beco Pod Poop Bag a top choice for cleaning up after your pet.

The "Gentle Leader Easy Walking Harness" is the no-pull walking harness that everybody is talking about.


The Tender-Tuffs collection is made from ground breaking tear-resistant technology. Adorable, bright and stimulating, these toys have won awards for excellence aroung the world.

Young Puppies have an insatiable need to chew. Kong Tyres, Kong Wubbas, Kong Teething Sticks and Kong Balls are all popular. Why not combine both the rope and the ball with the Kong Dog Ball with rope.

Stuff the Kong with your puppy's favourite spread. Great for teething and also encourages correct dental alignment with regular use.

Puppies seek to learn, explore and solve problems. We highly recommend the Kong Wobbler Treat Dispenser, Snuffle Mats, Nina Ottosson Puzzles and Zippy Paws Burrows.


We stock a couple of options for bowls - The designs of the Rogz bowls match the Dress-Up Collars and Leads, Our Eco-Friendly Beco bowls are made from bamboo and come in three colours - natural, pink and blue

Our Eco-Friendly Beco Mats are made from Silicon. They look great when paired with a Beco Dog Bowl.

We recommend a predominantly raw food diet. Burrinjuck Puppies are used to eating Phuds with mince meat; Balanced Life, with different kinds of meat and Advance Puppy Growth Kibble. We also feed our older puppies and dogs, Prime100 rolls and treats. This dog food is a convenient option for families wishing to raw feed, who lack the time to prepare meals from scratch. Prime100 is devoured by our dogs. They just love it. Prime100 are a great option for dogs that suffer from allergies; digestive and skin issues too. .

Get Wag Natural Treats are highly nutritious and delicious to Dogs. We particularly love the Goats Horns, Deer Antlers, Pigs Ears, Bully sticks and Liver Treats to satisfy the teething urges.


car pic

This handy Travel Mat converts to a bag.

The Beco Eco-Friendly Travel Bowls fold down to a small size and can be tucked into a bag or stored without taking up too much room.

We have two options for safe car travel. The BlackDog Car Harness can be used to exercise and then also combined with a seatbelt attachment for the car. A Clix Car Harness is an all-in-one car harness.

There are a few naturopathic solutions available if your dog suffers from car sickness or stress during travel. One option is Travel Eze by Natural Animal Solutions. The other is a calming serum called Rescue Animal by Greenpet Flower Essences.

Soft travel crates are convenient and light-weight and fold-up neatly to be packed away when not in use. A great travel mat to line the crate is the versatile and waterproof snooza stay dry mat.


vet pic


We worm our puppies using Milbemax All Wormer. We worm our adult dogs using Popantel

Worming every three months


 Vaccination Schedule

Vaccination annual for life



Flea Treatment

We do not routinely de-flea our dogs and puppies. We use Advantix when required.

Advantix Flea Treatment


Attached is a link to a Comprehensive Pet Insurance Guide. It is a little out-dated but may be a starting point for further investigation.


The Shear Magic Professional Combs is a little on the pricey side but is sturdy and strong and can comb out knotty areas with ease.

The round slicker brush is a grooming tool that we began to stock after receiving a tip from a professional Dog Groomer about the effectiveness of the brush on a labradoodle coat.


The Japanese Steel Grooming Scissors 7" are top-end quality and will provide precision and professionalism to the end result. If you are looking for scissors at a budget price, then theStyle it Grooming Scissors are the way to go.

We have used Aloveen Shampoo and Conditioner for many, many years. I love how gentle the oatmeal is on the skin and does not strip the lanolin from the coat.


A great Detangler Spray such as ProGroom-Easy-Comb Detangler Spray makes the grooming process just that little bit easier. It smells great!