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Dog Training Options 

Dog Training Options

Raising a confident, well adjusted dog does not just happen. Many hours of teaching and relationship building will need to be invested. This may require a shift in priorities and a commitment to devote time to training.

Don't forget to also include your puppy in every day routines. It's in these small moments of daily life, spent together, that respect, loyalty and a circle of trust is created.

Blue Ribbon Dog Trainers believe that a dog's behaviour is not random and there is an underlying need behind any action. Our job is to earn trust and build a solid bond with the puppy by seeking to meet his/her wants and needs. We use praise, food rewards and positive reinforcement to shape our puppy's behaviours.     

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

James Herriot

Blue Ribbon Dog Training

A well behaved dog is a pleasure to own and a joy to have around. It takes work! And time! And patience! Our fully qualified and experienced dog handlers are available to assist you as you embark on the puppy training journey and can act as a guide as you build a trusting and loyal relationship with your dog. From puppyhood through the turbulent teenage years and into maturity, Jaimee and Bree are only an email away.


Purchase a Gift Certificate for a training session with Bree OR Jaimee in the comfort of your own home with the help of technology, using Zoom; Facebook or your phone.


Bree is available for face to face dog training sessions in the Geelong/ Surf Coast area and Jaimee is available for face to face dog training for families who live locally or can bring their dog to our property at Burrinjuck.

Early Socialisation Training

Socialisation is one of the most important responsibilities as a new puppy owner. Puppies’ brains develop considerably from 6 weeks-16 weeks of age. During this time, the puppy learns a lot about their world. It is a unique window of time that will impact the puppy for life. Socialisation is the process by which your puppy is exposed to as many facets of life as possible.

Negative experiences that occur during the socialisation window can affect a puppy for life. Some recent research suggests that puppies need to be exposed to things several times over the socialisation period.

Blue Ribbon Dog Training is currently offering an intensive, early puppy socialisation course for our in-house puppies (between the ages of 6 to 8 weeks). In the future this additional training service will be offered at a rate of $250 per week but for our current families we are offering this program at an introductory rate of $200 for one week or $375 for both weeks.

Board and Train Option

Would you like to have a bit more face to face handling of your puppy by our experienced dog trainers from 8 weeks of age. During the Board and Train Option, our dog trainers will focus on socialisation of your puppy, mental stimulation and some basic commands, prior to picking up your puppy. Puppy training can be individualised to meet your needs. We would arrange a consultation prior to beginning the training to establish what things you would like to be covered in this individualised program. The options available will depend on how many weeks we have to work with your puppy.

Board and Dog Training Option

Our gorgeous pup, Bella was trained to help calm our Autistic son by Blue Ribbon Dog Training and the lovely Bree. Bella has continued to hold her training and still is the most well behaved, loving and doting dog. We cannot speak more highly of the work Blue Ribbon has done to provide a great start for an amazing pup. Thank you so very much

Judy O