The origin of the Labradoodle began with an experiment.  In 1988, Wally Cochran of the Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria, produced the first litter of Labradoodles. Cochran was inspired by a blind woman from Hawaii...


Puppy Crying

Gone are the days when standard advice was to ignore a crying puppy. “Ignore him,” we said, “until he stops crying. If you go to him while he’s crying, you’ll reinforce him and teach him to cry more.”


What Generation

Burrinjuck Labradoodles We breed both early-generation labradoodles (labradoodles crossed with labradoodles going back one or two generations) and multi-generation labradoodles...


Labradoodle Shapes and Sizes

Labradoodles come in a range of sizes. We breed miniature, small-medium, medium, large medium and standard sizes. We do not breed toy sizes and very rarely have x-large sizes...