The origin of the Labradoodle began with an experiment.  In 1988, Wally Cochran of the Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria, produced the first litter of Labradoodles. Cochran was inspired by a blind woman from Hawaii...


Puppy Crying

Gone are the days when standard advice was to ignore a crying puppy. “Ignore him,” we said, “until he stops crying. If you go to him while he’s crying, you’ll reinforce him and teach him to cry more.”


The Gift of Imperfection

It's a superficial world. Our everyday lives are bombarded with judgements and comparisons. Our worth is measured by completely extraneous variables such as the dress size that we can squeeze into and the type of car...


Introducing a new Puppy

Are you looking to introduce a new puppy to your household but wondering how your older dog will cope. An older dog can often live with a new puppy. They may even ...